“Circo Massimo”

The Circo Massimo is ancient Rome’s largest chariot racetrack, built for horse racing and used as a venue for various games since the early history of the city. The first wooden installations would go back to the Tarquinio Prisco’s era, while the first stable structures appeared around the second century. The Circo Massimo has been devastated several times by fire and it has been fully rebuilt, even enlarged straight away, under the Traiano’s Empire, to which the most important instructors belong and are still visible. The Circus remained fully functional until the 6th century. Afterwards, it was used as a farming area, warehouse, craft industries and housing until the start of the 9th century, when it became an archaeological area.

The Circo Massimo is open to the public and free.
Archaeological area (underground e gallery): guided tour with ticket fee applicable.